Monday Mention to Suntrust Bank

I'm not very good at saving money. I mean I'm good at saving. I get free stuff and use coupons all the time, but, that is so I have more money to spend, not, so I can save it. I have really good intentions of saving, but it just never happens. There is always something that the money needs to go to. A bill here, a school field trip there, this kid needs that, that kid needs this, on and on it goes.... Can you believe a student yearbook costs $90?! Absolutely crazy!

So, needless to say, I'm one of those livin paycheck to paycheck people. And boy did I screw things up this time!
♪We're livin' on the edge you can't help yourself from fallin♪ (Aerosmith)

It really shouldn't have been so bad, but I didn't know, and it seems ignorance really, isn't an argument, not when dealing with the bank, anyway.

Here's what I thought would happen: We had a great holiday season. We spent a couple dollars here with our debit card, a couple dollars there with ourdebit; all approved, and all perfectly budgeted to allow for my safety of $80 still left in the account. Then, I paid my car payment by check online on a Tuesday, knowing I'd get paid on Thursday. There would be plenty of time before it hit my bank, and if for some odd never before hit so soon reason, than a $36 NSF fee is better than the $75 late fee. It's just creative financing!

What really happened: We did have a great holiday season. We did spend a little with debit, and it was budgeted perfectly, but what I didn't know was that even though approved, those little debit card transaction sit pending in your account until the store processes them. So, when I made payment for my car on Tuesday, and it hit too soon on Wednesday night, and then the store's processed their transactions, the car payment was paid, and all those little transactions (that had been approved, and I thought were considered paid,) then became NSF! Every little one! (even though they could see my deposit coming in at midnight) $360 in fees!

I spent hours on the phone with the bank, explaining my situation and pleading my case, how only the car payment should have been NSF, how the others were already approved and therefore should have been considered paid.
"Isn't a debit like cash?!" I asked
"Don't I have to have the money in there to be approved?!" I cried
"Yes" they said "but, our procedure is to pay the largest first."

Screw procedure! Where's common sense? I know I'm at fault for trying to float a check so penalize me for that, but $360?! A little extreme, don't you think?! After going round and round, speaking to this supervisor and that supervisor, I was able to get $144 refunded but I'm still out $216 plus, my time!
♪Time, time, time see what's become of me♪ (Bangles)

So, a special Monday Mention to Suntrust Bank. Solid- You sure are! Solid in your procedures, and lack of flexibility. Solid in your customer service; everyone I spoke with told me "too bad" but, they did it with a smile. Suntrust, you solidly screwed me!
♪And now it's solid, solid as a rock♪ (Ashford & Simpson)