Enjoy Family and Live For Sunny Days #MySunnyDay

When my children were small, we didn't have much money, but we tried to make the most of what we did have. We spent days at the beach, played at the community pool, and fed the ducks at the pond. We laughed and made great memories because that's the best thing about families; all the good days you spend together acting silly and living life.

Most of those sunny days creating memories didn't cost a thing, but when my Princess was turning 5 we wanted to make it an extra special day. We had no idea just how special it would be.

Months before her birthday, we decided that the perfect birthday would be a day for the 4 of us at the newest Florida theme park. We knew we would get paid before that day so we figured we'd have money for the tickets by then. That was the extent of our planning. We didn't consider the cost of food, or drinks, and we definitely didn't have a plan to save.

When the big day arrived we had just enough for tickets to the 1 park, a light meal, and 1 souvenir for the birthday girl. I knew we were going to have a blast, but I was definitely feeling stressed about managing our budget. That's when something quite magical happened!

We got off the tram and were approached by an employee. She asked my husband about the jersey he was wearing and told us she was a fan of the same team.

No, that's not the magical part. Stay with me.

She then asked us if we had tickets yet; we didn't, so, she gave us tickets to not one but all the parks!

In that moment all the financial stress melted away. With our tickets paid for, I knew I would be able to give my family a magical sunny day to remember. We ate all the fun treats, went on all the fun rides, watched the parade, got souvenirs for each of us, and went to another park for fireworks. We had a totally awesome day!

Every day spent with family is a sunny day, but it is even better when you aren't worried about money and that's why SunTrust wants to help you live for sunny days,

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