April Fool's Day, A Bully's Dream

Ah, April 1st, the day for jokes, pranks, laughs,…humiliation, anxiety, and tears. Let’s face it, April Fool’s Day is a bully’s dream and a victim’s nightmare.

As a child, I felt such relief when April Fool’s Day fell on a weekend. Since, there was no school, there were no kids lying in wait to prey upon me. I would be able to go about my day without worrying about what lied behind every corner. There would be no bra straps being popped (I developed early so my bras were always a target of interest.) There would be no ketchup packets squirted in my direction, no rubber bands shot at my face, and no signs stuck to my back. I could breathe freely. But, if April Fool’s fell on a school day there was no way to escape it. I knew that the big prank was waiting for me and I was a ball of nerves because of it.

Gwen Stefani's New Album is Like Reading Her Personal Journal.

Relationships are difficult, especially at the beginning and end, but having to deal with both heartache and new found love while in the public eye, that must be exceptionally challenging. When Gwen Stefani went through a divorce and found a new relationship in Blake Shelton, the whole world watched. Now, with her new album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, we get a glimpse into what Gwen was feeling about it all.

This album is much like reading a personal journal. The lyrics are full of raw, sometimes chaotic emotions. It is exactly what I imagine going through a divorce, losing a great love, while realizing that love is developing elsewhere would feel like. It is all there in song, every little emotional, sometimes irrational thought. This is real true human emotion. While Gwen may have been holding it all together on stage, it is clear that she was being torn apart on the inside.

Happy First Day of Spring!

 I hope your day is filled with happiness and cheer because the first day of Spring is here!

♪Good morning Mister Sunshine, you brighten up my day♪

Self-Love Songs By Women for Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, and this is the first Monday in March, so for today's Music Monday, let's hear from the ladies. We have a lot of women to thank for all that has been accomplished. They wouldn't have achieved a thing without a strong confidence in what they were standing up for and a even stronger belief in themselves. The same is true for all of us even now, if we want to achieve anything we have to start with achieving self-confidence and that special inner power that says "I'm worth it."

If you're not already feeling the power that is women, these songs should help because they are all about loving yourself, which as Whitney Houston said is "the greatest love of all." Did you hum a little just now? I certainly did. Remember you have something to give the world, for that you are beautiful, so love yourself the way you are!

So let's see what some of the women in music have to say about loving yourself.

Have a wonderful empowered week!