Playground Rules

Do's and Don'ts of the Playground for Future Mommys

♪This used to be my playground. This used to be my childhood dream♪

Don't worry about swinging too high- Swing as high as you want. Don't listen to the other kids that try to keep you down by telling you you'll flip over the top. Swing as high and as fast as you want, and don't let anyone tell you can't do or be anything you want. And if you do flip over the top, maybe you'll be the first to do it.

Do pick the smallest kid last- when building a pyramid! You don't want the big kids on top, ouch! This is the first place you learn the importance of a solid foundation. A solid foundation is important for building a home, a relationship, friendships and even applying makeup.

Don't tease the nerdy boy- Be nice, not too nice, because your reputation is delicate, but just enough, so when that nerdy boy grows up to be the next software king he won't look at you and remember that you put glue in his hair, and not even give you the time of day!

Do laugh at yourself- Be silly, have fun, spin as fast as you can, and love every minute. This is the time you learn to enjoy life and share in the fun.

Don't just lay there- So, you fell down?! So what! Get up, tie your shoe, throw some dirt in your cuts, and run even faster. You will always fall down in life; sometimes physically and sometimes emotionally, but you have to get up and do something. Don't just lay there!

Do get dirty- Play in the dirt, pick up some bugs, and even chew on a piece of grass. Do it while you can get away with it. See, when you're a mommy, other mommys will look at you and judge you for being too dirty, and if they see you with bugs?! Watch out, you may never have play dates for your little ones again!

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  1. I think playing in the dirt is especially important...great advice for mommies and non-mommies alike.

  2. Very cute post - I so enjoyed it! Original!


  3. I really like this post!!!!!

  4. This is great. All of it...oh, so true. Ahhh, to be carefree... ♥

    I still love swinging super high and there are definitely some nerdy kids that I regret teasing.

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend! :D

  5. Good advice for me since I'm a soon to be mom. Happy VGNO!

  6. Good thoughts for the playground! :)

    Have a great weekend & Happy VGNO!

  7. I love swinging even if I am the only mommy doing it :D

  8. Love this list! It's not fun unless you get dirty!

  9. That's a good set of rules, though I'll tell you from experience it IS possible to swing too high.

  10. Yes! A realist!! Be nice to the nerdy boy, but not TOO nice...we don't want any unhealthy crushes and then you have to break his heart and then it's all kinds of trouble.

    And the picking the smallest kids last line was awesome! Great post!

  11. I like the playing in the dirt part best! Or maybe the getting back up after falling down part.

    You have an award waiting for you.


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