Music Monday, Songs for My 90's Girl.

It's Music Monday, and it's my daughter's birthday so a little sampling of some of her favorite music when she was growing up. Happy Birthday, Princess! Let's get the party started!

It Happened To Me, I Didn't Ask For It

I felt so ashamed when it happened to me. I'd rather people think I was "that kind of girl," a "slut," "easy," as long as they didn't find out that I was really just stupid and weak. I would rather just pretend nothing had happened at all, that everything was okay; I was just a normal girl, and somehow I convinced myself that what happened was normal, too. Boys were supposed to chase girls, girls were supposed to be caught, and sometimes love meant doing things you didn't want to. That's all this was, it was love, and love was what I was asking for.

I was 11. He was 14 and I thought it was love. He had been my boyfriend for almost a year, and all the other girls told me how lucky I was because he was "so cute".  I really just liked hanging out with him, watching TV, skateboarding, listening to music; it was just fun. I loved our time together and hated when we were apart. After a few months together, his friends started teasing him and asking us when we were going to "do it". Anytime they saw us together, they made sounds and hand gestures taunting him to "go all the way". We had made out before with some kissing, but that was it and I was happy with that, but with his friends teasing him he was soon pressuring me for more. When he wanted to go further, I would giggle and push him away, make a game of letting him chase me, anything to change the subject and keep the kisses as enough.

Music Monday, Easy to Read to Songs and Put on the Breaks...What. Is. That?

Everyone is talking about the Emmy's today, and normally I would be too, but sometimes you have to prioritize things, so watching an award show didn't make it on the top of my list last night. My top priority was doing my Anatomy and Physiology exam; believe me I wish I was watching an award show instead. The exam was more chemistry than anything, but it should get better from here, and the good thing is I had some good music on that helped me focus. Here's a few things I'm listening to when studying this week and one that I'm not sure that I even like but it is quite interesting...

Wordless Wednesday, Family of Raccoons

We came across this group of raccoons near a local store. It looks like Rocket is recruiting some friends.