Music Monday, VMA Edition

I know many people don't like Miley Cyrus, but I do. I like that she is okay in her own skin and is aware of injustice in the world and speaks her mind for what she thinks is right. She gets silly and has fun. I say good for her! I was happy to see her host the MTV Video Music Awards. Plus, I love unicorns, rainbows, and glitter!
Now let's get some music on here to get our week started! Here's Macklemore and Ryan Lewis with Downtown. I think this song will soon be everywhere especially with that awesome performance on the VMAs!

10 People or Things That Deserve a Rose #FlashbackFriday

I originally created this list back in 2010 from a writing prompt as part of another post. It's funny to me to see how much has changed, but even more so, to see how much is still the same. The phone I was using at the time had a sliding keyboard on it and my baby girl had just turned 16 and was really struggling in school. Now, of course, my phone is touch screen, my oldest has a B.A. in Psychology, my youngest is a licensed massage therapist, and I still love them like crazy!  I would still hand out all these roses. Who or what would you give a rose to?

Provide roses to the 10 people or items in your life that you would like to continue a relationship with. (kinda like The Bachelor, which I don't watch, but I get the idea)

1. The first rose goes to the love of my life, my hubbybear. You are the only person I can tolerate for any real long length of time, so it must be destiny. ♪ I've looked for you forever and a day♪ (Kathy Mattea)

Relax and Enjoy Trying, 5 Tips For Trying To Conceive

The other day someone told me that she went to the hospital for one thing and they told her she was pregnant. When they told her the news she responded,"You must have checked the wrong uterus! I can't be pregnant." Why was it such a surprise? She already has kids so you would think by now she would've figured out how it happens.

But, for many people pregnancy is a surprise. They aren't thinking about getting pregnant, they're just enjoying the intimate time with their partner and Bam! Pregnant! So, why does it happen so easily for some while others seem to be trying so hard to get pregnant and just can't? Well, for many it is a matter of stress. Stress takes a huge toll on the body and reduces the likelihood of conceiving. While reducing your stress isn't a guarantee of getting pregnant, it is a great place to start. Here's my best tips to reduce stress while trying to get pregnant to increase your odds of conceiving.

Almost Wordless Wednesday, Back To School Pancakes

Yesterday was the first day of school, but not in our house. This was the first time since 1998 that we didn't have all the excitement of back to school day. There was no buying new supplies, no figuring out what to wear, no excitement at the end of the day with all the details of the new friends in class. None of it; it was just another day. sigh.

So, no back to school pics, but...Red Velvet Pancakes!

Mmmmm Who needs school projects and fundraisers anyway?!

Blue Man Group Tickets Giveaway, Enter To Win #DareToLive

When I went to New York City last month, I got to go see Blue Man Group. The show was tons of fun! It was so much fun that I think everyone should go to a Blue Man Group show. While I can't send everyone, I can send 1 person plus 3 of their friends with this giveaway. Read on to find out how you can enter to win 4 tickets to Blue Man Group.