Songs Are More Than Just Something to Tap Our Toes To, They Tell Our Story. #MickRock

Music inspires us and drives us. It takes us back to a special time. It makes us laugh, makes us cry, and of course, it makes us dance! Sometimes its just silly and fun but music always rocks my world! I always like to learn more about the artists that create the music so I'm happy to be sponsored by Ovation TV's new show and I think I'm going to learn a lot!

I love so many different kinds of music. I like unique sounds, and songs that tell a story. I especially like learning the story behind a song. The songs on my playlist tell stories, some inspiring some just funny.
I chose many of these songs because they hold a special memory, or they inspire me to live more fully. Lady Marmalade by Patti Labelle reminds me of being a little girl so proud of myself for knowing french that I would run around and say it all the time "voulez vous coucher avec moi?". I knew it meant "will you sleep with me?" but with childhood innocence I thought it meant to have a slumber party. It makes me laugh now to think of it.

A Lot Has Changed Since 1975, Isn't It Time Our Summer Meals Program Changed Too? #NoKidHungry

A lot has changed since 1975—our televisions, our phones, our cars, our hair, I'm no longer running around in just a diaper—but there’s one thing that hasn’t been updated in the past 40 years... 

Our nation’s summer meals program. 

This year, Congress has the opportunity to make improvements that could ensure more than the current one out of six children who qualify for free or reduced-priced meals during the school year have access to the food they need during the summer months. 

Best Moments From Sweet Suite and Blogger Bash 2015! #BBNYC

Years ago, I was at at a little party in a hotel suite in NYC with cupcakes, wine and a few toys. It was called Sweet Suite. Over the years, Sweet Suite has grown from a small event decorating wine glasses in a hotel room to a huge event with all the hottest new toys, and now for the second year in a row it is the kick off event to Blogger Bash. And, what a bash it is!

Blogger Bash 2015 was so much fun from Sweet Suite to the Canadian Lentil Carnival themed closing party. Here's a few of my favorite moments.

Music Monday, Start Your Week With New Music

It's Monday and what better way to get our week started than with some good music! This week, I've got some new songs for you to check out. Now get up and dance!

♫♪I can't feel my face when I'm with you...♪♫

Wherever You Are, It is Exactly Where You Should Be.

Have you ever had a moment where you thought ‘this is right where I’m supposed to be’?  I had one of those moments last week at a yoga session at BlogHer15 in NYC. Things were not going as planned, but suddenly; I knew things were going just as they should.

With this trip to New York, I was juggling 2 blogging conferences, and multiple events. Because everything was so tightly planned, and in various locations, I unfortunately had to say no to some things, and I had resigned myself to being okay with that. In previous years, I had run myself into the ground trying to “do it all”, and I wasn’t going to do that again. Everything was planned just right, and then, it happened…