5 Tips for Having the Best Summer With Your Dogs

Summertime is a great time to grab the leash and head outside, but make sure you're following these 5 tips for spending time with dogs in the summer.

With the 4th of July celebrations here, and temperatures rising across the country, there is no doubt that Summer is upon us. Summer, is a great time to spend outdoors with family and friends, but it’s also a great time to grab a leash and head out with the dogs!

While you’re enjoying the Summer with your favorite furry pets, keep some things in mind.

Water: Just like you get extra thirsty and can get dehydrated in the heat, so can your dogs, maybe even more so. No matter what you’re doing outside, make sure to have plenty of fresh clean water for both you and your dog. I suggest bringing a travel pet bowl to make it easy. Remember, if you go to the beach that salt water is not anymore drinkable for dogs than it is for humans.

Music Monday, Let's Have a Fun Week!

It's Music Monday! Let's kick off this week with some fun music to get us up and moving!

First up is Bitch, I'm Madonna. This is a fun video with lots of celebrities celebrating the phenom that is Madonna. I loved reviewing Madonna's newest album, so I'm excited to see videos starting to come out for these songs.

Inside Out is A Smart Romp Of Emotions

Everyone is talking about Disney's new movie, Inside Out and with good reason; it is a smart movie with a good story and memorable characters. But, if you've been hoping for this to be the movie you need to give you a break from your 3 year old's continuous replay of Frozen in sing along mode, I think you might be a little disappointed.

Inside Out is really a lesson in psychology and brain function told from the perspective of the primary emotions inside the head of a tweenage girl; Riley. Riley grew up playing hockey, and having silly times with her parents in Minnesota. When her dad gets a new job, they have to move to San Francisco, and everything changes. This is when "Joy", the leading emotion in Riley's head, is engulfed with the challenge of keeping Riley from spiraling into depression as "Sadness" touches Riley's once happy memories and turns them sad. This could jeopardize all the important things that are so important to Riley's personality, and could change her forever.

Sugar Free, Aspartame Free Mints From PUR, Save $10 With Coupon

I try to eat as clean as I can, though I do cheat every once in awhile. Even when I treat myself a little, I still make sure to avoid certain chemicals. One of these chemicals is aspartame it is often used as a sugar substitute, but research has shown some very negative side effects to it, so I'd rather choose more natural sugar substitutes.

In the past, I've told you about PUR Gum, and how great it is for a sugar free gum option without aspartame. Now, I'm excited that there is a sugar free mint without aspartame. PUR Mints are so good! They come in multiple flavors and are sweetened with Xylitol which is a natural sweetener that has 40% less calories than sugar. Xylitol has positive benefits, too such as helping to increase saliva and reduce plaque. With these benefits, I can feel good about giving PUR Mints to my family.

Wordless Wednesday, Rolling Stones Concert

After 25 years I finally got to see The Rolling Stones live again! Hubby and I went to Orlando for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary and see my all time favorite band at The Florida Citrus Bowl. We were in the cheap seats, but it was still an awesome show! They may be in their seventies, but The Stones have more energy than I do! They were running all over that stage like young kids. They rocked out with lots of great songs for 2 hours and I loved every minute of it!

Who needs a foam finger when there's a foam tongue!