It's Valentine's Day, Tell someone you love them!

I've not always been a fan of Valentine's Day, (my argument against it is here).  Too many people are left feeling bad when they don't have a significant other to celebrate with. Now, I still feel bad for people that are alone and sad about it, and I still don't like people feeling pressured to buy gifts, but... we need to find more positive in life right? Certainly the world can benefit from more love so let's do this!

Valentine's Day is not just about couples. It's about celebrating love in all it's forms. It's not about flowers and candy and who gets the best gifts. It's about remembering to tell people you love them. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your children and your pets. Even tell the person that makes your latte. Let everyone know that somebody loves them for some reason. And most importantly, tell yourself you are loved! Make sure no one feels alone today. Make sure everyone feels loved.

Love is too awesome to keep to yourself; share it with the world!

I love LOVE!
Valentine's Day is about LOVE! What could be wrong with that?!


  1. I did just that this morning, sending texts to my single friends reminding them that they are loved. One of them really needed to hear that today, so you never know. Linked up behind you at Mama Kats

  2. My husband and I really don't do very much for Valentine's day. :) I did send my single friend a Valentine this morning though (on facebook) but just because it reminded me of her.


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