Family Travel in New Orleans

When people think of New Orleans, they often think of Bourbon Street and the late night revelry meant only for adults, but New Orleans can be great for family travel, too, with plenty of things for kids to do. I first took my girls to New Orleans when they were 10 and 12. They liked it so much, we took them twice after that. Here's some of the things you can do as a family in New Orleans.

piano in New Orleans
Music: One of the best things about New Orleans is the music; everywhere you go a tune can be heard. From amped up street performers, to clubs rockin' out with live bands, to kids tappin' out a beat with soda cans on their shoes; music is the essence of New Orleans and it's a great place to expose children to varying styles. Many restaurants offer live music away from the craziness and age requirements of Bourbon St including several places to have a nice Jazz brunch on the weekends. Just keep in mind, many popular places like Preservation Hall, may have long lines so get there early to keep your young child from getting too antsy.

Audubon Nature Institute: New Orleans is home to a zoo, aquarium, and an Insectarium that are all easy to get to from anywhere in the city. I recommend getting the combo pass to save some money and see more than one of them. I especially like the aquarium and Insectarium because they are so close to the French Quarter, but the zoo is really only a short trolley car ride away. The aquarium has a nice display of freshwater critters that are native to Louisiana, along with more traditional aquarium life. The Insectarium will teach you all about bugs including which ones are good to eat; yes, free samples are included.

Art: There is a lot of art to be found in New Orleans, and many of them use a bright color palette, so it's a fun way to introduce your kids to art and help them develop an early appreciation for it. You can find many artists selling their work in Jackson Square, and many of the little shops throughout the French Quarter display the work of local artists.

History: New Orleans is a city full of history and intriguing stories. There are museums like the National WWII museum and their are plenty of walking tours to be found that take you through the history of the city, architecture, and even food tours to give your little ones a taste of New Orleans.

Food: One of my favorite things about New Orleans is the food. Of course, you have to take the family to Cafe Du Monde where you can watch the beignets being made and then have 2 or 3 orders of yummy powdered sugar covered deliciousness. There are plenty of restaurants that cater to families including Pat O'Brien's where your child can get a non-alcoholic hurricane in a collector's glass while you enjoy the more kicked up version.
beignets at Cafe Du Monde

There is plenty more to do and enjoy in New Orleans. It is a great place for all ages. You can try on wigs at Fifi Mahony's on Royal St. and enjoy a picnic lunch by the river with a Po-Boy from Central Grocery. No matter what you decide to do, your family will love their stay in New Orleans.

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