Writer's Workshop- A Kiss from a Rose

It's that time of week, again. Mama Kat's writer's workshop. This week I'm struggling with picking just one topic, so you're getting a little randomness.

1. Time for your tangent. What's your latest complaint?
Ok, so, I totally talked about this on Monday, here. (go ahead, I'll wait) ridiculous, huh?! Archaic procedures in a time of instant gratification. It should really be fixed! ♪ Just another Manic Monday♪ (The Bangles)
2.If you could have given yourself a snapshot five years ago, of what your life is like now, what would the picture be of, and how would you have felt?

Something like this:

It's a whirlwind, sometimes scary and out of control, but always electrifying! ♪ It's electrifying!♪ (You're the one that I want, John Travolta)
And I would have thought "Oh, good! It gets better!"

3. What's in YOUR Name?
I actually, started to write about how I'm named after this country singer that was my mom's favorite in the 70's and how she wanted to name me Kelly, but my dad didn't like it so she stood by her man, and gave me the name of her favorite singer and about a year later mom gave dad a D-I-V-O-R-C-E, but then I realized you would think "I don't know any 'Amethyst' person that sang country in the 70's, what the heck is this girl talking about?!" So, I won't be writing about this one.

4. Write a letter to the 1st person who broke your heart.
Dear Heartbreaker, Why did you do it? Why did you leave me? And, without even saying a word? I loved you! Without question! There was not a day spent with you that was not a good one! Oh, how I miss you. I miss you so much that some mornings, I just don't know how I can go on without you! Please come back! I miss the way you made me feel. I always felt so beautiful with you! Your scent lingers on me as I long for your return. ♪The smell of your skin lingers on me now ♪ (Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie)
Please come back, Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Seaspray, I'm not the same without you!

5. Provide roses to the 10 people or items in your life that you would like to continue a relationship with. (kinda like The Bachelor, which I don't watch, but I get the idea)
1. The first rose goes to the love of my life, my hubbybear. You are the only person I can tolerate for any real long length of time, so it must be destiny. ♪ I've looked for you forever and a day♪ (Where've you been by Kathy Mattea)

2. This goes to #1. You are so smart, and pretty, and I'm lucky to have you. Even if you do say the dumbest things at times, and take pictures with food hanging out of your mouth. I love you even more for it.

3. #2, a rose for a Rose, you are a beautiful, funny, smart girl who happens to be a little lazy, okay a lot lazy when it comes to school, but you are my baby girl and I love you. And, where else could I find someone that burps so loud, and rolls her eyes with such skill and attitude?!

4. Mypoints.com this one's for you. Even before you paid for referrals I loved you. You were the first rewards program I joined in 1998 when I first began shopping online, and over the years, you've given me many giftcards, so I'll stick with you.

5. My little friend, please stay with me, I love that you let me use you anywhere we go, I can always be seen touching you, especially at redlights. I feel like I'm still getting to know you.

6. Hans Zimmer, you make the best film scores, that provide me with hours of listening pleasure, although, never any lyrics, that I can use on my blog, no one would ever know what I was talking about if I just sung your instrumental stuff like this one ♪Dundadadadadundadada♪

7. Potato chips, I just can't be without you. You have to be in my life! especially, you, Sourcream and Onion! I know everyone hates the way you smell, but forget what they say, I love you anyway! ♪I don't care what they say about us anyway, I don't care bout that♪ (Buddy Holly by Weezer)

8. Camera, we are only just now getting to know each other. You came into my life at such an important time filling a void that was left by another.

9. Computer, I can't even begin to imagine life without you, okay I can, but it sucks! Together, we make such sweet music!

10. At times, I may seem irritated with you, but I really do like you. I like that you make him happy, and give me time to spend with 8 and 9, but...sometimes...sometimes, I just wish you would go back where you came from, because he's my man! mine! But, for now, I'll let you stay, and see where this goes.

♪I compare you to a kiss from a rose♪ (Seal)


  1. I hated my hubs Xbox 360 for a good long while too. Then I played it...and no I play it alot. At first I hated that it occupied so much of his time but now I am thankful for it.

    Oh, and I would've totally believed your name story!

  2. Life is NOT the same without the Beach Blonde Ocean Waves spray. If I'd have known it was disappearing I would've stocked up. It...just...stopped existing!

    I'm still bitter. : (

    *Goes into a chorus of 'Come Back to Me' -Janet Jackson*

  3. lol...i LOVE that you gave potato chips a rose!!!!! HAAA!!!

  4. haha such a great post! i loved reading your answers & i liked how you linked them with songs :)

  5. You are making me get out my Seal album!
    I thank you for that.



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