Not Me Monday: A Pirate Life For Me

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On Friday, there was discussion of cancelling Gasparilla because of the storm expected to happen right in the middle of the festivities (as if they would just cancel a 106 year old tradition.) Some people whined a lot and said they didn't think they would go, because it would be too much of a hassle to get into pirate costume just to be rained on and blown away by 40 mph winds, but NOT ME, Oh no, not me, I didn't complain, not one bit, nope, uh huh!

And Friday night, I didn't happen to sit by some people at dinner that were talking about how disappointed they would be if it had been cancelled, and about how they were going out to watch the invasion, even if it was raining. No, I didn't hear this and think what a loser I would be for not going out, when the community was so looking forward to seeing us pirates, nope NOT ME.

And, come Saturday morning, I didn't wake up early, excited to get into costume, and sing ♪Yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life for me♪ right before slipping into a clear poncho, that would ultimately get annoying and end up on the floor of the float with the wind and rain slapping against me as if I was a real pirate at battle with the raging sea, nope, Not ME.

I didn't have any fun dancing in the rain to ♪Save a horse, ride a cowboy♪ (Big & Rich)
or shaking my booty while singing ♪ Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur♪ (T-Pain) and certainly trying to line dance to Cupid Shuffle while struggling against the wind on top of a moving float while avoiding getting bumped into by my slightly stumbly mango margarita drinkin' pirate sisters, certainly that was not any fun. No fun at all! No fun was had by me, anyway. NOT ME, I say.

I was merely out there doing my civic duty, partaking in an old tradition of invading the city, and throwing beads to the crowds simply because they scream "Beads, beads, beads!" I did it because it was the right thing to do. I did it because, well, because...I certainly couldn't let my fans down, just because of a little rain, nope, NOT ME.

♪What am I supposed to do♪ (No Angels)

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  1. Well good for you for carrying on the tradition. Pictures?


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