Wordless (full) Wednesday- Tattooed

Yes, that's #1 getting her first tattoo. And, Yes, I'm the proud mom right there taking a picture of it. And, yes, she's just 17. ♪She was just 17, you know what I mean♪ (Beatles)

Right about this time, 17 years ago, I was in a car with my friend and Bear on the way to the "clinic" with a film case full of pee, because my friend said it had to be the first morning's pee, and I couldn't find anything else to put it in. Do you know how hard it is to try to pee into a small film case?! Do you even remember film cases?!

Anyway, I was on my way to the clinic, with pee in hand, in hope of getting a free pregnancy test. And, I was skipping school to do it, because I was just 17.

At the "clinic" they wouldn't let Bear come back with me. They didn't care that he was the father of the potential baby inside me, and they didn't care that were engaged. Absolutely, no men were allowed! I should have left then, but I had no money to buy a test, and I needed to know if I was pregnant, so back I went, alone.

They confirmed it! They confirmed I was pregnant! I was so excited! I couldn't wait to tell Bear, but they wouldn't let me. I couldn't see him until I watched a video. An anti-abortion video! I tried to explain that there was no way I was getting rid of my baby, that it wasn't even an option, but they insisted that I watch it. It was horrible! Here I had just received this amazing news that I was to give birth to the child of the man I loved, and they were forcing me to watch these horrific images! And, then, they tried to get me, to agree, to give my baby up for adoption! No Way! They told me how I would be better off, how I could enjoy being young, how I could always have more later, blah, blah blah...

Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble deep, but I made up my mind, I'm keeping my baby♪ (Madonna)

I may have been just 17, but I knew what I wanted. I knew that I could love that child more than anyone, ever would, and nobody would convince me other wise! Not some strangers in a clinic, not my mother, nobody! Did I understand the decision I was making? Absolutely! Did I know how difficult it would be? Of course! But was it a difficult decision? No! There was never was any other choice for me, or Bear, we loved that baby before we even knew of her existence!

So #1 is 17, and before I know it, she'll be 18, an adult, legally responsible for all of her decisions. So what difference does a few months make? If I can make one of the best decisions of my life at 17, I think she can make the small decision of deciding to get a tattoo. Because, long ago, she gave me a tattoo...on my heart.

♪you're on my heart, just like a tattoo♪ (Jordin Sparks)

Here, it is, her tattoo. 3 Stars, just like mine on my wrist, but in different color order. The 2 little stars represent her sister and Dad, and the big one is in my favorite colors, purple & green.

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  1. If I got one it would be three stars just like that but on my back up my spine small though..

    Come check out my WW: http://bzzagentroyalty.blogspot.com/2010/02/wordful-wordless-wednesday.html

    the Buzz

  2. As a teen mom myself I find that I am so protective of my kids...thanks for giving me another perspective. and the tattoo is beautiful! If I wasn't a chicken with pain I would have a honeybee on my shoulder

  3. "If I can make one of the best decisions of my life at 17, I think she can make the small decision of deciding to get a tattoo."

    What an absolutely beautiful way of putting things into perspective! I loved this post!

  4. "Papa, don't preach..." Oh girl, now I can't stop the music in my head. What a beautiful, sacred story. Here's to you, and Bear, and the amazing daughter who share's your heart and your tattoo. Thank you for sharing this.

    For a bit of sheer magic, stop on over for today’s WW.

  5. I drove all over town looking for a notary so I could sign a waiver for my oldest (then 16) to get her bellybutton pierced. She waited until she was 18 (the day!) to get her first tat. Amazing how time flies by.

    I really like the symbolism of your daughter's tat. Nicely done.


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