Wordless/ful Wednesday- We had Class

So, there I am. It's 1989, I'm in 9th grade, this is Honors English and I am too cool! Check out that hair! Along with me in this picture is 2 of my best friends of that moment. I have no idea where the one girl is, but I did recently find the guy on Facebook (and thus I found this picture.)

Also, in this pic, is a boy that I "went" with for a couple weeks, after checking the box for "yes" that I liked him, and ultimately sending another note stating that it wasn't working out and we needed to see other people. (Because you know those 2 week relationships in junior high are soooooo, serious.)

There's the boy, I had a crush on cuz he was "so fine," but to him, I was just one of the boys. And there's the rich girls, see them over there, they're the ones with the Guess Jeans, and Swatch Watches. There's the skaters, and the country boy no one talked to. Right there is the basketball player, and over there is the girl that I would become friends with in High School.

This was the end of the 80's, and 90's fashion was just starting to take shape. Soon, we would get rid of our big hair, and tight rolled jeans. We would go through a genie pants phase, (thanks Hammer!) and then we'd all be sporting "Grunge." Our world was changing. We were changing. But for this moment in time, we had not a care in the world.

And what were we listening to? On cassette tape, of course?

♪Walking the Dinosaur ♪ (Was not Was)
or one of my favorites ♪Stand in the place where you live♪ (REM)
U2's Rattle and Hum and INXS' Kick
and you can't forget ♪It's my prerogative♪ (Bobby Brown) or ♪Welcome to the Jungle♪ (Guns N Roses)

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  1. OMIGOSH! LOVE the picture and the musical reference flasshback as well! (INXS "Kick" was a HUGE fave of mine!)

    Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday...hope you'll play along often!

  2. The 80s were like totally awesome. I love the big hair, baggy t-shirts and acid wash jeans. And I loved REM!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!


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