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Did you hear about the woman (Donna Simpson) that wants to be the fattest woman in the world?! She has to eat 12000 calories a day to meet her goal of 1000 lbs by 2012. Her weekly grocery bill is $800, but she pays this with a website where people pay to watch her eat! One freak that wants to be 1000 lbs is bad enough, but a bunch of freaks that pay to watch her eat?! WTH is wrong with people?! Of, course I would gladly make a donation to her cause...I've got some extra fat around my middle that she can have!  ♪Because I'm fat, I'm fat, you know I'm really fat♪ (Weird Al)    

I was looking at this site that searches Emergency rooms for what people were treated for. On the first page of foreign objects, I saw at least 4 cases of children sticking things up their nose. #2 stuck a bead up her nose when she was around 2, and she did it not once but twice! Lucky for me, I knew to push the other nostril, forcing her to blow it out, (in all of it's snottiness,) so we were spared the ER visit. Check out the site for some odd injuries, including vaccums, raccoons, bananas... ♪That Shhh is bananas B A N A N A S♪  (Gwen Stefani)

I just filled out my Census, and I must say, I was disappointed at my options for race. I work hard to get a semi shade of tan, so why can't they have some options?  I have never walked into Sephora and asked for a nice shade of White! How bout golden honey as an option? Or better yet, because of my tattoos: multi-colored?! (I joke, but I really wish we could get to a point where color doesn't matter for anything except, shopping for cosmetics.)
♪I don't wanna be anything other than me♪ (Gavin Degraw)

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