Oh, boy, Another Survey

Seems like everywhere you go these days, someone wants you to do a survey. And, some of them are even willing to compensate you for completing it. "complete this survey, and we'll give you a free appetizer." or "complete the survey, and you'll be entered to win."  With all these surveys, is anyone, really listening? ♪I wanna know what you're thinking♪

Look at Walmart, everytime I shop, it asks me if my cashier greeted me. Hmm... does a scowling look and a grunting sound count as a greeting?! I'm not sure. Is that up to Walmart standards?! ♪there are some things you can't hide♪

And, on the occasion that I get more than hmmph from my cashier, they are totally incompetent! So, what difference does it make that they greeted me, when it took 30 minutes to figure out how to check out 10 items with only 2 coupons?! By that point, I could care less that they said hello when all I want to do is put up my hand, walk away, and scream GOODBYE! The surveys DO NOT ask the right questions! ♪I wanna know what you're feeling♪

I work for a major corporation, and, not only are the customers surveyed, but, so are the employees. As a Supervisor, I'm expected to take the results from my employees' surveys and develop an action plan of what I will do to improve things. I'm all for improving the work place, and for self-development. I'm listening to the surveys, but THEY didn't ask the right questions, SO I don't have the right answers!  ♪Tell me what's on your mind♪

And, some people didn't even bother to complete the survey. So, what am I to conclude from them? That they are perfectly content? or are they too miserable to bother? Should I have offered compensation for completion? or did they just not like the questions?  ♪Here I am in silence it's a game I have to play♪

 Hmm...Maybe, I should send out a survey?!

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  1. I hated those surveys. As a manager sometimes they meant trouble and as an employee, well, who wants pissed off managers?


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