Someone stole my hour

It should be illegal for a weekend to fly by as fast as mine did! And who stole my hour?! Of all the weekends to take an hour from me. This was probably the one where I needed it the most!  Just when I needed you most (Allison Kraus)

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I can't even tell you where Friday night went, it's completely wiped from my mind.
Saturday started with way to freakin early SAT testing for #1, followed by chores, oil change, shopping for a bigger aquarium because Captain spaulding (the fish) is HUGE. I finally dropped Xmas gifts off at my sister's house, (sad I know, what can I say, I'm running a little behind.)  I picked up #1, then it was time to get into pirate costume for the St. Pat's parade where I danced my butt off (not literally, cause believe me it's still there) We line danced, cheater cheater where'd you meet her (Joey & Rory) We booty danced, move something, shake your tail feather (Nelly) and we rocked out  you shook me all night long (AC/DC)
Sunday: bed at 3 AM, up at 8:30 to take hubby to friends house to go fishing, then back home to get the girls, and go shopping for a school book needed by Monday conversation went like this:
Me: "Why did you wait until today, to tell me you need it for tomorrow?"
#2: "I told you about it!"
Me: "When?"
#2: "like 3 weeks ago!"
Me: "Oh, well, I've got a million things going on, you need to remind me"
#2: "I'm reminding you now"
Me: "Ok, but remind me sometime before the day before you need it!"

How's that for a mommy moment? The moment in which I realize, I've taught my child how to procrastinate, and she's better at it then I am!

Anyway, it was an exhausting weekend, and there are no signs of that lost hour anywhere.   Where've you been? I've looked for you forever and a day  (Kathy Matea)

Monday Mention:
I have to give a Monday mention to Mama Kat. She wrote a great post in response to a recent New York Times recent bashing of Mommy bloggers. Read it here.

and to Frugal Mom knows best for hosting Mommy Moment Mondays. Great idea!


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  1. Oh my gosh,I am NOT looking forward to that! My mom used to use the line on me that poor planning on my part did not constitute an emergency on her part. Hmmmm.
    thanks so much for joining in!


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