Someone stole my hour

It should be illegal for a weekend to fly by as fast as mine did! And who stole my hour?! Of all the weekends to take an hour from me. This was probably the one where I needed it the most!  Just when I needed you most (Allison Kraus)

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I can't even tell you where Friday night went, it's completely wiped from my mind.
Saturday started with way to freakin early SAT testing for #1, followed by chores, oil change, shopping for a bigger aquarium because Captain spaulding (the fish) is HUGE. I finally dropped Xmas gifts off at my sister's house, (sad I know, what can I say, I'm running a little behind.)  I picked up #1, then it was time to get into pirate costume for the St. Pat's parade where I danced my butt off (not literally, cause believe me it's still there) We line danced, cheater cheater where'd you meet her (Joey & Rory) We booty danced, move something, shake your tail feather (Nelly) and we rocked out  you shook me all night long (AC/DC)
Sunday: bed at 3 AM, up at 8:30 to take hubby to friends house to go fishing, then back home to get the girls, and go shopping for a school book needed by Monday conversation went like this:
Me: "Why did you wait until today, to tell me you need it for tomorrow?"
#2: "I told you about it!"
Me: "When?"
#2: "like 3 weeks ago!"
Me: "Oh, well, I've got a million things going on, you need to remind me"
#2: "I'm reminding you now"
Me: "Ok, but remind me sometime before the day before you need it!"

How's that for a mommy moment? The moment in which I realize, I've taught my child how to procrastinate, and she's better at it then I am!

Anyway, it was an exhausting weekend, and there are no signs of that lost hour anywhere.   Where've you been? I've looked for you forever and a day  (Kathy Matea)

Monday Mention:
I have to give a Monday mention to Mama Kat. She wrote a great post in response to a recent New York Times recent bashing of Mommy bloggers. Read it here.

and to Frugal Mom knows best for hosting Mommy Moment Mondays. Great idea!