Post-it Note Tuesday: Reminders

It's one of my favorite days of the Week: Post-it Note Tuesday! but before I show you my little reminder notes I must point out that I have a button! Yep! sure do! See it over there-------->
I have to give big thanks to Megan at Crazy Momma for making it for me! I mentioned that I didn't have one, on Twitter, and she just up and made it! And, it's perfect! So, grab it, my button that is, and go give her some bloggy love because she totally deserves it!

Now for some notes to myself:
♪Just a walkin the dog♪ (Rufus Thomas)

Can't you hear the crowd screaming for more as you revel them with your gold spun words of wisdom? No? me either, but write the damn thing already!

Soap Opera announcer: "playing the role of Chauffeur this week, will be Amethyst Moon."

♪You're gonna miss this♪ (Trace Adkins)

♪you got me begging you for mercy, why won't you release me♪ (duffy)

♪I'm the man in the box♪ (Alice in Chains)