Spring Swap- Look What I got

Awhile back, I signed up for a spring swap at Family of Shorts, and I had so much fun shopping for Dysfunctional Mom, but as usual, I was a little late mailing out my package to her. So I rationalized that a day late wasn't too bad, because she lives in the same state, but I worried that she would be upset that it wasn't mailed on time. But, don't worry be happy dodododododo don't worry because she e-mailed me to say that she mailed her's out just as late! What a relief!

Today, I returned from vacation to find this pretty little package.

And inside nice little note and all these little gifts

And look at all these fabulous gifts

There's my all time favorite pens, in my favorite color. A really cool keychain with stars on it (my favorite shape.) Some really fabulous pins with rock n roll tattoo stylings Rock and roll hoochiecoo (I can't wait to pin these on my bag.) I love skulls, so, she got me some skull bling to embellish something with, now to decide what to put it on. A really pretty Starbucks giftcard with a little red bird on it. And, as her note says every blogger needs a journal. This one's really cool because it has pockets to throw little notes in.
Thanks Dysfunctional Mom!

So, if you're looking for me, I'll be at Starbucks, drinking a macchiato, listening to some tunes, writing in my new journal with my favorite purple pens.




  1. You so totally outdid yourself with my package that I feel LAME! I think I shortchanged you!

  2. Oh, DysFUNctional Mom did a really nice job :) You two were wonderful swap partners. That's always so nice to see.

    Kristin - The Goat

  3. wow you two were great swap partners!!


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