Writer's Workshop: Sense Much Fear in Him I Do

It's Writer's Workshop time. Today's prompt: Where does that fear come from? Write about a fear that other people may find ridiculous.

Mama's Losin' It

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Aside from the usual fears; alien abduction, clowns, rejection, things that go bump in the night, white shoes with black pants, roaches, *shudders* shower demons, (what, that's normal?!) aside from those, I'm, also, afraid of, Yoda! 

Yup the one and only, little green guy, Yoda!   Y O D A,  Yoda yo yo yo Yoda♪  (Weird Al)

Think that weird you do?

Well, picture this: My dear hubby had a life size cardboard stand up Yoda that was proudly on display in the dining room of our apartment. Every night, when I had to go to the kitchen, he was standing there, just staring at me with his creepy little eyes, and his pointy old brittle claws. I would turn the light on before I walked past him going into the kitchen, (the whole fear of the dark thing,) but then, as I was walking back I would see him watching me, just waiting for me to get close enough to claw my leg, so I would quickly walk past him, shut off the light, and then run down the hall to the bedroom, and then try to act normal, like I wasn't just running from a freakin' piece of cardboard!

Then one night, I made the usual trip to the kitchen to get water, and he wasn't there! For real! Where the hell was he? This ain't at all funny, there is a crazed little green carboard alien on the loose!

So, I frantically very calmly ran walked into the bedroom and asked hubby what he did with it, and he said the girls must have taken it. "oh, ok, no big deal, just wonderin'." (no way, was I gonna let him think I was scared of some little piece of paper!) So the girls decided to play with Yoda, that's cool, apparently, they weren't bothered by his steely glare.

The subject changed to other things, as I talked to hubby about my day, and prepared to shower. Midsentence, I pulled back the shower curtain, and there he was! Yoda, was in my shower! I screamed, jumped, got the chills, and ran out of the bathroom, all in one motion, and all while my husband laughed hysterically, at his new found amusement!

It was not funny! It freakin' scared me! What the hell?! I could have had a heart attack, or fell or something!

After that night, I never know where Yoda will show up next, sometimes in my closet, sometimes in my bed.

So, yeah, I'm afraid of Yoda.  Fear him I do.   I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah♪

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  1. Sorry to have laughed. Your husband has an evil streak in him :).

  2. Oh my gosh. This was so funny. I laughed and laughed. : ) How hilarious. Not for you of course! I am off to follow you on twitter right now. I still barely understand it but I am happy to follow along!

  3. I'm, um, laughing with you? Tee hee... I am sorry I laughed right out loud. I am suprised your husband (and Yoda) are not dead. I would have seriously killed them both...

  4. ok that is pretty funny - I am very freakishly afraid of frogs :)

  5. OK - laughing with you (not at you!) but your husband is a funny guy! Evil, but funny!

  6. Glad you can laugh about it now and that your husband wasn't annihilated in the process! :-)

  7. That's pretty funny! Sneaky husband!! Sounds fun! :-)

  8. I would have had to kill him. Probably hit him over the head with the damn yoda!

  9. hahaha!!!! omg i would have smacked my hubby!! but that is kind of funny.... :)

  10. Oh Honey,

    Funny that was. Laughed I did!

    Sorry I am...

  11. Well, I couldn't help but laugh because I, too, have been freaked out by certain objects in the house before in the same way. And your husband sounds a lot like my dad!

  12. Haha.. he wouldn't scare me so much normally, but put him in my shower and I would probably scream.


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