Formspring: Are your kids using it?

Have you heard about I heard about it on a recent visit to some more, shall we blogs? Yup, I look at em! What can I say? I'm a mom, I'm not dead, and it's just sex. ♪Let's talk about sex, baby, let's talk about you and me♪ (Salt & Pepa)

Anyway, so, I heard about and thought I'd check it out. ♪Check it out♪ (Fergie- Fergalicious)

It's basically a site that allows you to set up an account and people can anonymously ask you questions. The questions go to your inbox, and you decide which ones you want to answer. Perfectly harmless, right?!

Well, harmless, until you realize that this is the latest way for teens to chat, and unlike Facebook & Myspace, there are no privacy guards in place. So, any questions that they answer, and any of their pictures and info can be seen by anyone on the internet.

It's kind of like a slam book back in the day. Remember those?! They were pieces of paper stapled together with questions on each page, and you passed it around to all your friends? And, if I remember correctly, some of the questions could get pretty racy, but, at least, you controlled who got to see it!

When I realized that my girls had been going to their friends' formsprings, (thanks to browsing history,) and, that I could see all the things these teens were talking about, I knew I had to talk to them about it.

They told me that they didn't have a page, but many of their friends do. I think it was said like this: "everybody has them, duh!" Well, silly me I should've known! Duh, mom!

I didn't tell them they couldn't have one, but I did tell them to be careful what types of things they are posting, because, unfortunately, it's just the kind of place that predators could be lurking. The best protection against predators is talking to your kids, and letting them know that it's okay to have fun and connect with people, but they must always be on guard.

So, go talk to your teen, or, heck, send them a note on formspring, because apparently, everyone is using it!