Questions to myself in the Gym

6 things I wondered about while in the Gym this morning. ♪I wonder wonder, who♪ (Monotones)

1. What kind of crap music is this?! How am I supposed to motivate my fat butt into and kind of fat burning exercise with whiney depressing songs like these?! Just because the singer is some young perky skinny girl doesn't mean her songs are gonna make me work to look like her! What are they thinking?!  ♪It must of been a fairytale wah wah wah♪ (Taylor Swift)

2. What kind of idiot would stick their head under a weight like the safety picture shows? Shouldn't they just not let someone like that work out in the first place?! Did someone actually do that?! Is that why they put that picture there?

3. Why do they have spray cleaner and a cloth to wipe down the machine when you're done? Have we really become such germaphobes that we can't sit where someone else sat? Isn't that cloth just spreading the sweat around from the last person that used that towel to wipe down the machine? And, now that I used that cloth, not only is my sweat running down the crack of my butt, but now I have someone else's sweat on my hands?! Oh, no! someone help! Oh, wait, that's right! I'm gonna take a SHOWER!<-- this is totally said in my best Forest Gump yelling voice as in "Greenbow, AlaBAMA!"

4. Ok, this is a shared shower, why would you wipe your hair on the wall and not rinse it off? I get, the need to use the wall, to get that stupid piece of hair that kept sticking to you when you tried to pull it off, of your dang finger! But, why? Why can't you rinse the hair off the wall when you're done?! Yuck! Next big invention idea? A cup to collect hair in the shower?  People put their foot shavings into an egg, so why not?!

5. Why is it that the person, that has to use germ-x every 5 minutes, is the same person that has no problem eating their breakfast in the locker room? (I'm talking scrambled eggs, here,) and taking their drink (with a straw) into the bathroom?! What?! Did your excess Germ-x use, create some superhero unpenetrable shield for you and all that you touch? Am I the only one that has an issue with this? I mean it is possible, that it is completely normal to eat breakfast in the locker room, and I'm just weirded out by it, but I just think some places should be a "No Food Zone!"

6.Oh, sure, now that I'm leaving something good comes on! WTH? Why don't I just bring my dang Ipod?! ♪Gotta get that Boom boom boom♪ (Black Eyed Peas)


  1. I agree people should not eat food in the locker room. That is just kinda gross.

  2. "Next big invention idea? A cup to collect hair in the shower? People put their foot shavings into an egg, so why not?!"

    Brilliant! I'd totally be your financial backer!


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