I wanna Be MADE...Into a NYC Bum?!

Yesterday, JVC announced the winners of their BlogHer contest, which I, of course, entered because I'm going to Blogher 10 in NYC, and I don't have a sponsor, so the next best thing would be winning a contest that pays your way, right? Right!

With luck being absolutely non-existent around me, I didn't win, but I was happy to see that my roomie did! "I really must congratulate her, how exciting," I thought. So, off I went to talk to her on Twitter, and that's when I saw it!

She had tweeted last week that she wasn't going to Blogher, and our other roommate tweeted that she needed and eventually found a new roomie. But, what does this mean to me?! I built my airline schedule around the first roomie being there on Wednesday! We made these arrangements in February! It was all set! What happened?! ♪If you had told me this last summer, I'd be on the floor laughin', instead of standin' round breakin' down wonderin what happened♪ (Gretchen Wilson)

I know I could have done a better job of staying in touch, but, I made sure to leave comments on her blog that I was looking forward to the conference, and I sent her a couple of tweets. I thought everything was a go, and we would just talk more as we got closer because she's been so busy. Boy, did I mess this one up! ♪All at once, I'm drifting on a lonely sea♪ (Whitney Houston)

See, I do this a lot. I'm the girl who thinks I'm bothering you, so I don't always reach out. I'm the girl that figures, if you want to talk, you'll let me know. I'm the girl who thinks about buying a small gift for you, but then overanalyzes and thinks you might be creeped out by the gesture. I'm that girl! And, this time, that girl is left all alone. ♪One is the loneliest number, one is the loneliest number that you've ever seen♪ (Three Dog Night)

I'm still really happy for my original roomie, because now that she won that contest, she'll be able to go to BlogHer. So that's very exciting for her. I'm just frustrated because it's only 5 weeks away, and now I don't have a room to sleep in, and I've made all my plans around staying at The Hilton, and splitting the cost with 2 other people! And, everyone else has already made their roommate arrangements!

On the bright side, I hear Central Park has a lot of benches, so...

Ooh, I know I'll just sleep at MTV Studios! I mean I love music, so that just seems like the logical place to go. Maybe, I'll be the next Reality TV Star..."Amethyst in the Big Apple."   What do you think? It's New york, so anything can happen, right? ♪In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of ...these streets will make you feel brand new, these lights will inspire you♪ (Jay-Z w/ Alicia Keys)



  1. Oh that's kind of a bummer! Hopefully you'll get it all straightened out in the next few weeks!

  2. Hey girl! Don't worry about it. New York runs on last minute plans like how afternoons run on Dunkin. (That was a cheesy comparison, wasn't it? Sorry...) But seriously. It will be all right. Drop me a line if you need help with anything; I'm hoping to make it to that conference myself.

  3. Some people just aren't very polite, are they?!

    I love how you write with a soundtrack, I used to do that in my old diary lol.


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