Post it Notes: Hurricane Season

Since, I live in the (not so sunny during hurricane season) Sunshine State, hurricane season is a big part of our lives. ♪We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun♪ (Terry Jacks)

June 1st, the official start of Hurricane Season. This means that all event planning, concerts, barbecues, weddings, etc... will all come with the unspoken understanding that even if it's a "rain or shine" event, that you shouldn't be out there in your best summer whites when the rain is coming sideways and the wind is blowing from all sides!  ♪ Here I am, rock me like a hurricane♪  (Scorpions)

This year, with that fabulous gift BP gave us, we are all wondering what a hurricane will mean to the Gulf Coast ecology if the oil is not cleaned up, which of course, it won't be! So, we know the coast will be damaged, and we know it will take years to recover. What my child wants to know is:
And what I want to know is:

Anyway, back to hurricanes. I have to admit one of the things I love about hurricanes is watching the news to see where it will go. I am always in awe of Mother Nature's power when I see the images of where it has been. Thunder and lightning, and everything that is frightening♪  (Eddie Floyd with some lyrical liberties of my own)And, there is some excitement around the possibility of it coming close enough to get some time off work, but we hope that it dies out before it actually hits.

If you're in a hurricane prone area, it's important to plan ahead. Don't wait til the last minute to check through your supplies from last year, and see what you need to replenish.
  • I'm sure you drank all your water, by now, so, make sure to buy more to have on hand.
  • Check your flashlights to make sure they still work. 
  • Make sure you have a radio to dance to, (and for important announcements, of course)
  • Have an evacuation route planned, and have cash on hand. 
  • Make sure you have a plan to entertain the kids, (and yourself,) ♪ Here we are now, entertain us♪ (Nirvana) should there be a power outage, ex: board games, books, crayons, paper, arts and crafts supplies.
Put these things together with the rest of your emergency supplies, so you'll be prepared and you won't have to fight the crowds at the store when the first storm watch is announced. Have a safe and happy Hurricane Season.


  1. I need to get our hurricane supplies together. SIGH.

  2. I now live much closer to the coast. I admit that I still feel a little panic when I see hurricane prep stuff on the news...

  3. I think the meteorologists need to throw out the calendars and realize that hurricanes are on their own time schedule, and will show up whenever and wherever they damn well please!

  4. I feel for you! It must be scary living in Hurricane territory!


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