Writer's Workshop: Bug and the Flame Throwing Monster

It's Writer's Workshop time with Mama Kat. Today's prompt? Write about a joke that didn't go over well.

What do you call bread shaking it's thang?

A-bun-dance!   ♪ Shake your groove thing shake your groove thing, yeah yeah♪  (Peaches and Herb)

Hahaha Get it?! Isn't that so funny?! No? You don't think so?
That's okay, no one else laughed at this attempt by #1 to make up her own joke. It's really not funny, but she thinks it is, and that's the part that cracks me up!

Ok, so, Have you ever been on the receiving end of a prank, and you just didn't think it was funny, at all?! How did you react? did you just laugh it off or did you lose it?

It was when the girls were much younger and #2 decided it would be hilarious to scare me with the little rubber bug she had. Perfectly harmless, right? Wrong!

She snuck behind me. Put it on my shoulder very lightly, and... ♪ duhduh duhduh duhduhduhduh♪  (Jaws Theme)

I jumped up screaming, jumping and shaking around practically in convulsions trying to get whatever was on me; off. I just knew I was covered in horrible woman-eating roaches! I just knew it! As I'm screaching, almost crying, doing the ants-in-your-pants-dance, that's when I realize no one is helping me! I'm scared to death under attack by strange bugs, and no ones helping! They're laughing at me! WTF?! And then I see it! The little rubber bug in #2s hand, and...

I freaking lost it! My head spun around on my shoulders. Pea soup came flying out my mouth. My eyes popped out of my head as I roared with flames flying out of my mouth, "It's not funny! What the hell were you thinking?! Stop laughing! It's not DAMN FUNNY! STOP LAUGHING!!"  Of course , they laughed harder as I stormed out of the room in a rage!

It was a childish little joke, but I don't know who acted more immature, the 8 yr old who thought she would have fun with mommy, or the grownup who threw a temper tantrum over a little freakin toy bug!

♪ I don't like spiders and snakes, and that ain't what it takes to love me, you fool, you fool♪  (Jim Stafford)
Mama's Losin' It


  1. I love how you bring in song references - so clever (especially as I love music, so I'm definitely on board!).

  2. That was a funny story. Your kids have to be a trip for them to continue laughing even after you were mad :)- I bet you all have fun. Thanks for the suggestion on the 'best of', I am sure I'll tweak it but I did get up a page with some fun links. Thanks! Have fun, dancing your buns off :)- i know, i am not funny despite my efforts :) www.BreeBee.com

  3. You handled that MUCH better than I would have. I'm "nearly jump out of a moving vehicle at 40 mph" scared of bugs.

  4. Love how you add song lyrics to your posts!

    Did you get the name Amethyst Moon from a Corey Hart song?

  5. Popped in from Lady Bloggers! I'm going to use the bun joke on my husband!


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