Writer's Workshop You Might be Surprised

Mama Kat once again has some great prompts at Writer's Workshop (she's a smart one, that Mama Kat!) With all these great prompts, I'm now stuck having to decide.

You might be surprised to know... (or maybe not)

*I hate making decisions. Especially little ones like whether to buy this shirt or that purse, or should I just wait til I have a coupon?! Ugh! hate it!

*I was once very upset that seeing Ronald McDonald in person didn't mean the same as personally meeting in him. Seriously, there was like 1000 kids there, and I thought it would just be me and him!

*I listen to the Carpenters when I'm sad  ♪I'm on top of the world looking down on creation♪

*I have a collection of unicorns that includes socks.

*I dance around the house often attempting flying ballerina leaps especially after watching So You Think You Can Dance. (Yeah, I could totally be one of THOSE people, you know the ones that the judges laugh off stage.)

* I loved the Twilight books, but hate the movies! Really, the casting is awful!

*I watch MASH, every night before bed, and each time I dislike Hawkeye even more.

*I'm no longer a Catholic (the Nuns beat out of me...not really...but that makes me laugh)

*I'm totally irrationally afraid of roaches.

*This song is stuck in my head right now:  ♪But, I'm a creep I'm a weirdo what the hell am I doing here♪ (Radiohead)

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