Friday Fragments: The TGIF Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! This day can not go fast enough! I woke up this morning with a ♪ freight training running through the middle of my head♪  (Bruce Springsteen) I hate dealing with a headache! It's bad enough that my back and neck are hurting, (I have degenerative disc disease,) but add the headache, and watch out world: MAJOR BITCH ALERT!

Help! At this point, I'm begging, and it's sad, I know, but it's for such a good cause! Please vote for me so I may win a trip to Kenya to help with clean water efforts! I could never afford to do something like this on my own. And, after you vote, please, please ask your friends to vote. Not only could I win, but each vote = a day of water.

So, last week was #2's 16th. I just can't believe my little baby is 16! I'm way to young to have a 16 year old! To celebrate, We went to see Rob Zombie at Mayhem Fest in Tampa. There were other bands there, too, but let's face it: Rob Zombie was really what mattered! He put on a Spectacular show with video, and flaming robots! It was freakin' Sick! ♪ Chew it up, spit it out, Sick Bubblegum♪

School starts on Tuesday, and I haven't bought a thing! I'm sure I'm not alone, so, if you need me this weekend, I'll be down at the mall throwin' elbows and stompin' feet to get to the coolest backpacks.

Have you seen the new Fruit Loops ads? They've got kids running around singing ♪Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy♪  it's appropriate for the brand, but I can't help but giggle knowing what the song is about.
Is any one else already counting the days 'til Labor Day?! I need a long weekend! Hell, I still haven't recovered from my trip to Blogher! ♪ Look out weekend, here I come, because weekends were made for fun♪  (Debbie Deb)

Speaking of Blogher, I'll be kicking off a Giveaway for some of my swag from Blogher, this weekend, including a $30 gift card for Picaboo, so make sure to check back!

That's all my fragments for today. Peace Out! (wait does anybody say that anymore?! maybe I am old.) Ooh! Don't forget to VOTE!

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  1. Oh I feel so put on the spot..the only song coming to mind is Fraggle Rock because every time I participate in Friday Fragments I cannot get that song out of my head! I voted..I'll ask others to vote..I am a new visitor and follower from of course Friday Fragments.
    I hope when you get a chance you will stop by to say the mean time I'm gonna turn the music on and see what I can come up with!


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