Monday Minute: You annoyed me, I kissed you, got drunk, watched a movie, and took a shower!

(1) What's your biggest pet peeve? white sneakers with black pants, soggy french fries, annoying songs stuck in my head, parents that are too busy talking to notice their child climbing on store displays, slow drivers in the fast lane, people that don't stop thinking of the next thing to say long enough to actually listen, Facebook status used for therapy and/or weaponry, saying "wool" instead of "well,"  people that assume strippers are forced into it, when maybe, they just enjoy the work and the money, people that try to force their religion on you, women that act weak or stupid when they're not... oh, wait, you just wanted 1. ♪I don't wanna be a stupid girl♪ (Pink)

(2) Describe your first kiss.  ♪My first kiss went a little like this...and twist♪
(3OH!3) He gazed lovingly in my eyes, this was the moment we had waited for...Screeeeeeeeeech! Yeah right! This isn't the movies people! No romance here. I was 9, he was my friend's brother, and his girlfriend asked if I wanted to kiss him. So I did and I moved my head all around (you know, like in the movies) and they laughed at me. No fireworks, no leg pop, etc...

(3) Describe the drunkest night of your life (or at least, the drunkest night you can remember). The worst night ever, the super short version: I hadn't eaten before Jack and I met, (Daniels, that is.) I drank a lot in a little time, couldn't feel my face, went on Montu, (the roller coaster.) This was followed by lots of projectile vomiting, and friends pushing me around Busch Gardens in a wheelchair while I was in and out of consciousness. ♪The hangovers hurt more than they used to♪ (Hank Williams Jr.)

(4) What's the last movie you saw and what did you think of it? I watched Old School, again, last night, and I think I enjoyed it more this time. "You're my boy, Blue!" ♪Hello darkness, my old friend, it's good to talk to you again♪ (Simon and Garfunkel)

(5) Do you prefer taking a bath or a shower? teehee, depends if I'm alone or not *blush* ♪I love to wash in your old bath water♪ (No Doubt)


  1. okay, your friends pushing you around in a wheelchair at Busch Gardens is probably the funniest thing I've heard today! That is freaking hilarious!!!

    New follower too by the way1

  2. I love your list! I could just keep on going with my pet peeves.

  3. Your pet peeves are HILARIOUS! Soggy french fries do SUCK. Whenever a restaurant attempts to give them to me, I always send them back! I won't put up with it! hee hee

    Thanks for linking up and hope to keep seeing you each week!


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