Post-it note Tuesday: It's Like Having a Baby in the House

Only Parent Chronicles
After slipping in pee, cleaning up poo, and chasing our 5 month old puppy around the kitchen because he had my shoe in his mouth, and then being late to work because of it, naturally, I have puppy on my mind.

♪He ain't nothing but a hound dog♪ (Elvis)

♪Slip sliding away slip sliding awaaay♪ (Simon and Garfunkel)

♪shut up when I'm talking to you shut up♪ (Linkin Park)

♪who let the dogs out?!♪  (Baha Men)


  1. I still have potty issues with my dog and he's 5! He also loves the shower and had to supervise me in the tub or on the toilet!

  2. I need to get the potty messes contained from my kids before I'd ever entertain the idea of having a dog!

  3. The unconditional love we get in return is worth it though!
    My baby boy is 2 and he's still a pain in the rear!

  4. Sounds like you are having "fun".. you just convinced me not to get a puppy..

  5. I would love to have a dog. Maybe I can live out that desire through you!

    Hope you are well! Have an awesome day {fingers crossed no poop between the toes}!


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