Tuesdays Gone- A Blog Hop

I don't know about you, but Tuesdays seem to be the busiest day of the week for me. I seem to be playing catch up all day and never seem to get a moment for myself. Even the morning traffic seems to be heavier, which of course makes me late, and so on, blah, blah, blah...

Clearly, what I need to wind down on Tuesday is a moment to myself. What I need is a blog hop.

"What?! Another blog hop?" you say "We certainly don't need another blog hop!"

But, I want this blog hop to be different. I don't want to create any extra work, (although, if you could spread the word, that would be helpful.)

This blog hop is "Tuesdays Gone with Amethyst Moon"  for those of you singing along: ♪Tuesday's gone, with the wind♪ (Lynryd Skynryd)

"Tuesdays Gone with Amethyst Moon" is the blog hop where you link up an old post, one from days gone by. It can be a post that didn't get much attention at the time, or just one that is relevant and should be read again. It's your choice.

So, here's the rules:
"The rules are there ain't no rules."- Grease

Just link up an old post, and help spread the word, so more people will link up. Then come back, every Tuesday, and do it again!

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  1. Oh, I love this idea! I will give it a shout-out next week!


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