Who Needs Giveaways, I won the Lottery!

Not much time left to enter the 1-800-Flowers $40 Gift card Giveaway Hurry!

I just found out I won the Australian lottery! Yep $700,000,000 is mine, all mine! I can't believe it, I didn't even know I was entered! If I hadn't checked my SPAM file, I might've missed it.

The money will be mine as soon as I send my bank info to the nice gentleman in Africa that is going to take care of wiring it to me.

I can't wait! Finally I'll be able to take that trip to Ireland.

courtesy of google images

I'll even buy hubby that little something he's been wanting:

6ft tall animated Jason Voorhees
Well, not so little :)

We'll be so happy, I'll get a couple new cars, I'll travel the world...Ooh! and who needs scholarships?! I can pay for any school my girls want to go to!

What am I doing?! I'm wasting time!I've got to send over my bank info! But first, I'll go tell my company where they can stick their job!

♪Take this job and shove it, I ain't working here no more♪ (Johnny Paycheck)

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