Who Needs Giveaways, I won the Lottery!

Not much time left to enter the 1-800-Flowers $40 Gift card Giveaway Hurry!

I just found out I won the Australian lottery! Yep $700,000,000 is mine, all mine! I can't believe it, I didn't even know I was entered! If I hadn't checked my SPAM file, I might've missed it.

The money will be mine as soon as I send my bank info to the nice gentleman in Africa that is going to take care of wiring it to me.

I can't wait! Finally I'll be able to take that trip to Ireland.

courtesy of google images

I'll even buy hubby that little something he's been wanting:

6ft tall animated Jason Voorhees
Well, not so little :)

We'll be so happy, I'll get a couple new cars, I'll travel the world...Ooh! and who needs scholarships?! I can pay for any school my girls want to go to!

What am I doing?! I'm wasting time!I've got to send over my bank info! But first, I'll go tell my company where they can stick their job!

♪Take this job and shove it, I ain't working here no more♪ (Johnny Paycheck)

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  1. That is so absolutely amazing, because I won a very similar lottery. Matter of fact I also have a man offering to pay me...yes pay me...if I will just let him put some money into my bank account. Maybe we should meet up for a lottery winning celebration.

  2. It's your lucky day! Good thing you're so diligent about checking those blocked emails!

    I wonder how much $$$ they make from this scam? It would be interesting to see.

  3. Wow, that IS amazing because I, too, received a similar email! LOL New follower from Boost my blog friday!

  4. LOL This is too funny! The sad thing is...there are people who actually fall for these things

  5. I've won a similar lottery. Congrats! I remember being really young (14?) and falling for this kind of thing. Luckily I never did anything about it.

  6. LMBO!! Hilarious, thanks for the chuckle.

  7. Thanks for the laugh too early in the morning!

  8. I would like thank you for visiting my blog. You reference finding me via "SS" but I can't figure out who that is.

    Oh & congrats on that lottery win. I wouldn't send him anything serious...like money.


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