5 Things to Know Before You Vote

In the age of early voting, most people have probably already locked in their vote for the year, but, it's Election day, and if you haven't voted yet, here's 5 things you should know before you vote.

1. Voting is FREE- Looking for something to do today? Try voting. In an unsteady economy, it is a life experience that remains absolutely FREE!

2. There are more than 2 parties- Really! It's true. We are not just a 2 party system. Our media may be flooded with talks of "Democrats want this" and "Republicans are doing that" but there are indeed, other parties. And, they're not all out to destroy our way of life as you may have been led to believe.

3. You don't have to vote for your own party-  It's okay to vote outside your party. I swear there won't be a lightning bolt to strike you down for going against your party in an election. In fact, no one has to even know. You have a brain use it! Vote for who/what you believe in, not just what your party says you should.

4. Blind Justice isn't blind voting- Candidates for judge may be expected to be impartial once they take office, but they still have their own beliefs and agendas. Blind justice doesn't mean you should vote blind, do your research.

5. Vote on the person not the suit- So, you really like the suit that candidate was wearing, or maybe they have a nice smile? Well, style and good looks don't equal hard work and strong ethics. Lipstick on a pig is still a pig! Don't vote for a candidate because you like the way they look, vote for them because you think they'll make a difference.

Voting is a big decision, don't go about it lightly.

♪It's your decision, it's your decision♪ (Alice in Chains)

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  1. i blogged about voting today too. I think everyone should take advantage of the opportunity to let their voice be heard.


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