Are you a Shoeholic?

I have to admit, there have been a few times where I chose a new pair of shoes over paying the bill on time. A new pair of shoes just makes me feel so good!  I'm recovering, but you know; once an addict always an addict.
Are you a shoeholic?


  1. Oh I want to be so badly, but I'm just not good w/ matching shoes and outfits so I have just the basics. I love shoes...just not good at it.

  2. I am not but 3 of our 4 daughters are! I prefer barefoot or flip flops and a pair of to big for me wool socks in the winter.

  3. I own two pairs of shoes, canvas and they cost under 4 bucks apiece. And a pair of houseshoes, that I keep replacing every 6 months or so with the exact same pair thats also under 4 bucks. I dont care anything about shoes for myself and neither does my husband, he owns one pair and a pair of flip flops. So how we managed to raise a son who is a shoe aholic I have no idea. But that boy LOVES shoes and will spend a fortune on them.


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