Monday Minute: Books, Pets and Undies

1) What's your all time favorite book? This is so hard, I'm such a freakin' bibliophile! I just can't get enough of any of them. Let's just go with the dictionary because it's got all the words that are in the other books I love. Tell me who, who wrote the book of love (The Monotones)
(2) What are your pets names? Marilyn: the cat, Dublin: the dog, Dawson: the puppy, Captain Spaulding: the albino Oscar

(3) What kind of undies do you prefer (thong, briefs, boxer briefs...choose depending on your sex)? That's exactly how I choose! It depends on sex, and if I'm planning on having any. not everybody does it but everybody should (George Michael)

(4) If you could go back in life, what would you now chose to do for a living? I used to manage a shoe store and I loved every minute of it, except there were too many minutes of it. I was at the store, so much I never saw my family. But, if I could go back I would have loved to stick it out long enough to become a buyer. What fun it would have been going to shoe shows, and spending the company's money! And, it would have been M-F! I got to go back in time (Huey Lewis)
(5) Do you hit snooze in the morning? No, I don't have to; hubby does it for me.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Love the answers and isn't it true about the undies:)

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  3. Love the answers... and it made me giggle about the undies...I know a lot of girls that are like that.

  4. Buying shoes...ooooh that does sound like a great job!


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