Random Tuesday Zombie Inspired


I'm joining in on Random Thoughts with the UnMom today. Mostly because she inspired me with her talk of zombies. (how often can one say they are inspired by zombies, so I have to go with it!) And her zombie poetry magnets, which is now a must have on my holiday list! So you know, if you really want to get  a great gift for someone (me,) the link is conveniently located right here. How about that?! :)

Speaking of Zombies, have you been watching The Walking Dead on AMC?! Love it! If you watch it, make sure to watch for the code word for the weekly contest and enter to win a walk on role as a zombie! Cool, right!  zombie, zombie zombie ieie♪ (Cranberries)

Oh more zombie stuff: my new blog hop "Tuesdays Gone with Amethyst Moon" is kind of like making a zombie out of your old blog posts. You just link up an old post, and breathe new life into it.

With the long awaited release of Call of Duty Black Ops today, you may find my husband looking like a zombie tonight staring at the TV with Xbox controller in hand. So, I guess, I'll be watching Glee in the bedroom, because I imagine it will be awhile before the Black Ops TV takeover is over. If I don't get some shelter, oh yeah I'm gonna fade away(Rolling Stones) 

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I'm devoting myself to reading and commenting on every RTT today and 97% of them mention zombies. I think I need to go back and alter mine.

  2. Love love love the Walking Dead! I wrote about it this week too!

    Visiting from RTT! Feel free to stop by and visit! :)


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