Hopping Around My New Store

 Tell Us Something Good

I'm  linking up with some great hops, including Tell Us Something Good Thursday where you share what's making you happy right now. And what's making me happy today is that I just launched a store front on Facebook using Payvment. Payvment is a free app that let's you have your own store front with shopping cart and everything right on your Facebook page.

I'm excited because this is the first step in my dream of owning my own Rockin' Edgy Boutique. I'm just starting so, there are only a few purses in there, but I'll soon have a whole selection of wicked lovely things. I'd love if you'd check it out here

So, in between finishing up end of year stuff at work and trying to get more items in the store, I'll be playing in the Thursday hops. Won't you come out and play?! ♪Hey ey come out and play♪ (The Offspring)

Twitter Friend Thursday



The Two Savvy Sisters


  1. Thank you so much for joining us in Tell Us Something Good Thursday! Happy New Year! I am off to check out your new sparkling store!

  2. I'm a new follower of yours! Thanks for stopping by!


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