Monday Minute

(1) What is your favorite TV show of all time? Without a doubt; MASH!  Hubby and I watch it every night. We have the complete series, and we watch it in order a couple of episodes a night as we're falling asleep, and then when we reach the end we start over again. It's just a classic group of characters that stands the test of time. ♪ Suicide is painless it brings on many changes and I can take or leave it if I please♪ 

(2) What is the worst job you've ever had? I've had quite a few jobs that I didn't always like for one reason or another, but no one stands out as the worse. Overall, I've been lucky with jobs, in that I've learned something fro each of them. I once worked as a school receptionist as a substitute for a month, I worked in a brewery, which was cool except I don't really like beer. I sold cars and that sucked because it was long hours without a steady paycheck. If I had to choose it would be the year I worked at Toys R Us for the holidays, that was just one crazy busy day after another!

(3) Name one toy that, according to your parents, you loved as a child. My mom would probably declare that I liked something that was really my sister's because she can't keep us straight, and she wouldn't believe me if I told her she's wrong. One time, I told her how I skipped school when I was in High School, and she called me a liar!  But, I will fess up and tell you that I loved: my Cabbage patch kid, Zachary, and my Strawberry Shortcake figures, which I usually had to pry from my little sister's mouth because she thought they smelled good enough to eat!

(4) Bert or Ernie? hmm, that's a hard one, Ernie is so much fun, and he's got ♪ rubber duckie, you're the one, you make bath time lots of fun♪   but who doesn't like: ♪ doing the pigeon, doing the pigeon♪  It's really a tough call

(5) If you could have lunch with any person, who would it be? Well, if she'd do the cooking, I'd love to eat with Paula Deen. She just seems like the sweetest person and I love her recipes. Really, how could you not with all that butter?! mmmmmm butter....


  1. LOL @ your mom getting you mixed up. My mom does that with me and my siblings, even though I'm the only girl!

    Strawberry shortcake ROCKS! I found a pair of Mary Janes that are Strawberry Shortcake inspired and I'm SO TEMPTED to buy them.

  2. You are so right with MASH-Great TV in the making!

  3. LOVE your #5 answer! I like her too! My husband says that she over does it with the accent, but I find it cute.

  4. mmm butter indeed. I think I would suck on Strawberry Shortcake too. Yankee candle smell so good that i want to taste one.


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