Never Stick a Bead up Your Nose

Jenny Matlock

N is for...

Never stick a bead up your nose!

Seriously, #2 did it when she was 2, and it wasn't a pretty sight. If cameras were digital then, I would probably have a picture to show you of her little nose stuffed full with one green bead with snot running down her face. But, in 1996, we were still concerned about wasting film, no digital camera, so no pics.

She did it while at daycare, and no one noticed. when we picked her up that afternoon, she got the car and said her nose hurted. I bet it did, there was a bead in it!

We managed to remove the little object without any damage, (to the nose or the bead,) by having her blow it out. If you've ever tried to get a 2 year old to blow his/her nose before, then you know this was no easy task, but the bead, and nose were rescued.

But, apparently, she really liked it that way, because she stuck another bead up there the next day, (but this one was blue, so it wasn't exactly the same.)

Possible songs providing the soundtrack to this adventure in bead rescue:

I'm just a girl in the world (No Doubt)
I like the way you work it, no diggity (Blackstreet)

and maybe this one, because I would follow that little snotty bead filled nose girl anywhere.


  1. It's odd how some kids just like to put things up their noses...and beads are always a popular choice...

    Peas, too.


  2. Mine child put a lego up his. He turned out quite sane, so there's no worry there.

  3. My kids used to do that! I never understood the fascination of putting any object other than you index finger in your nose!

  4. Oh my word - so funny! Glad she was okay.

  5. Thankfully my child never did that ...

  6. Cute post. When I taught school, little ones were forever putting beads, erasers and you name it up their noses... never understood it.

  7. If thers a hole kids will put summin in it, no matter how advanced society becomes. No diggity!

  8. Years ago I had a daycare and had a beautiful little girl in my care. One week I couldn't help but notice an unusual smell coming from this little girl. I said something to the mother who said she had noticed the same but thought it was her imagination, like me. Finally, the mother took her daughter to the doctor and found a popcorn kernal tucked way up in the nostril that had started to get infected! Thankfully they could remove the kernal. Just goes to show you that you never know what the nose will harbor. Kids will do the strangest things!

    Leslie - Your newest follower from Tranquil Acres of Alexandria - via Saturday Night Stalker :)

  9. LOL! My kid stuck a pea up his nose when he was about that age. Thankfully, he too was able to blow it out.

    Stopping by from RedheadRiter's Saturday Stalker...

  10. .............and never stick a bead in your ear!

  11. Loved the Gin Blossoms sound track to this link to Alphabe-thursday's Letter N.

    My kids all did jelly beans and skipped the beads...but your hilarious description was almost exactly the same!

    Thanks for a fun and nifty stop this week.

    I appreciate the laugh.


  12. Okay, knowing how much snot my kids can generate, the thought of a bead stuck up one of their noses just grosses me out. But then, they've done worse things!


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