Sweet St. Augustine

The Scene: St. Augustine, on a beautiful sunny, cool, Saturday. Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday (Elton John)

The Cast of Characters: #2, Bear and #1. (I can't help but think of Run DMC when I see this picture.) ♪She told me to, walk this way, talk this way♪

What's most important to a teenager on a road trip? Her cell phone, of course!
Just look how much fun St. Augustine is! (okay, so, I really have no idea why he was laughing. Terrible how the memory goes...and this was only 4 days ago!

Now for the real reason we drove 3 hours for a one day trip: Breakfast at The Bunnery! I love love their Chocolate croissants. Their coffee is amazing. I had their Valentine specialty: Chocolate, juicy raspberry, and espresso, Yum! #2 had the Red hot Hot Chocolate with cinnamon, and whipped cream topped with red hots. I stole a sip, it, too was yummy! Really, you can't go wrong at this little bakery/ cafe. They even offer a full breakfast with fresh made home fries, eggs, bacon, grits, etc... Oh! I can't forget the biscuits! Big fresh made from scratch biscuits. If you're ever in St. Augustine, you must try this little treasure on St. George St. in The Historic District. It's worth the trip.

As my girls used to sing:  Biscuits, biscuits, incredible (to the Faith Hill tune)


  1. Love the pics and it looks like you had a great time.

  2. That breakfast sounds amazing. What I noticed most was the warmth in the pictures.. it is sooo cold here in Massachusetts

  3. Looks wonderful!
    Stopping by via the Wednesday hops to say hello and to follow. Hope to see you visit soon!

  4. I've always wanted to visit St. Augustine. Never more than right now since I'm in the middle of frozen New Hampshire! Thanks for the sunny road trip with you! Looks like fun.


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