Music Monday- The Lazy Valentine

I've been a fan of Flogging Molly for quite awhile, and I finally got to see them in concert last night. It was so worth the wait! Absolutely amazing show! It was such high energy, and I danced my butt off (not literally, of course, believe me, it's still back there.)  I'm sure I'll post more about it later, (including the 2 great opening bands,) but for now, with only about 3 hours of sleep, I'm taking the lazy way out. Flogging Molly, the Monday Music that Moves Me.

Why is it appropriate for the Valentine's edition? Because I love them, of course! Happy Monday!

And, Happy Valentine's Day to my Bear. Thanks for a great night!



  1. Great Reasoning there!! Glad you had a great time!!


  2. I'm loving it too. BTW...if you're interested I'd love to have you join my free blogging community ( We have 15 plus clients we do reviews and giveaways for.

  3. Guess I got here too late because it says, "This video contains WMG. It is not available! :( But thank you for playing along today and we hope to see you next week too. I follow you!

  4. Wow. Glad you had a wonderful time at the concert!

    Fun choice!
    Glad you shared with us today.
    Happy Valentine's Day!



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