Monday Music: Shooting Rainbows


This is a great song to get you up and moving on a Monday Morning. Blow by Ke$ha

I'm a sucker for rainbows and unicorns, and a good comedy/action flick. And, I love when artists are able to make fun of themselves, so I'm just loving the silliness and creativity of this video. It's just so fun! Don't worry, no mythological creatures were harmed in the making of this video.


  1. This old Gigi has heard of Ke$ha, but this is the first time I've heard her singing voice. I am pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed listening to her singing.

  2. What was that he pulled out from his shirt? A bra? I saw that & cracked up. Never saw this video either. Boy, am I getting an education today! Thanks for playing along with us & I'm following you! Next week is freebie week, you can put up any video you like. Woo Hoo! Hope to see you there & have a great week.

  3. ive never heard this song from ke$ha before!

  4. Very good choice

    Glad you joined with us today.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Aloha! :)


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