The Feathered Visitors

I got a call from my daughter after school last week. "Mom, there's a bird on our patio and it's smashing its head in. We can't get it out and the dogs are going crazy trying to get to it."

I told them to leave it alone, and it might fly out on its own. Unfortunately, they left it alone, but it continued to fly into the screen. When I got home the little brown bird had hit it's head so many times that you could see its little skull, and there were feathers everywhere. Every time I went near it, it flapped it's wings and flew into the screen. I felt so bad for it, and so helpless for being unable to help it. I thought for sure this bird was going to die on our porch.

But, hubby saved it! He used an empty planter and a piece of cardboard to trap it and take it outside. At first it was stunned and just sat there, but after a few minutes, it flew up over the rooftops!  take these broken wings and learn to fly, all your life (Beatles)

The next morning I let the dogs out, who let the dogs out? (Baha Men)
I went back into the house for 5 minutes, and when I came back, this was on the porch.

Oh no! Not again!   Oh no not again it hurts so good I don't understand. (Rod Stewart)

I ran inside and told Bear "I know you're a Cubs fan, but will you please come save this little Cardinal?!"

He got up, did his man business, and...

it was gone!  No skull bashing, no wing flapping craziness, just a stop to rest on my porch and it was on it's way.

We'll be keeping the screen door closed from now on!

I wish that I could fly into the sky so very high (Lenny Kravitz)

Wordish Wednesday