Help Japan and Get Freebies

I think everyone knows that I love Swagbucks because of all the great freebies I get, just for using their search engine. I use their search engine a couple times a day just to get my swagbucks. There are so many ways to earn swagbucks including polls, surveys and shopping.  They're always posting new swagcodes for bonus swagbucks. I save up my swagbucks to buy giftcards, but there's lots of ways to spend them including sweepstakes, and prizes.

Tip for Bloggers: If you want to host an easy giveaway, trade in your swagbucks for an Amazon gift card. It's free to you, and a great way to reward your readers!

Besides the freebies, Swagbucks also cares about the world, and that's very important to me in a company. We're all aware of the recent tragedy in Japan, and if you're like me you want to help, but don't have any extra to give. This is where Swagbucks comes in. Until May 5th at Noon PST, you can donate Swagbucks to Help Japan. The Swagbucks will be turned into dollars to help with the relief efforts. So far, they've donated $20,000 and that number is rising. You can donate as little as 5 swagbucks because every little bit helps.

If you're not a member of Swagbucks, yet, join now and use the special code HelpJapan and you'll get an instant 50 Swagbucks. 

The 50 swagbucks are yours to do what you want with, but, I hope you'll consider donating some to Help Japan.

it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all

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