Music Monday Teenage Daughters

Yesterday, I got a text message from my mother-in-law. She's finally entered the 21st century and got her own cell phone. Up until now my father-in-law has had control of the cell phone so to get to Mom you had to go through Dad, like a gate keeper of sorts. My girls love hanging out with Gramma and talking to Gramma, but they don't always want to go through their Papaw to get to her. So, finally, finally they'll be able to talk directly to her, (by talk I mean text because, you know they are teenagers.)

Today's song choice is Teenage Daughters by Martina McBride. It was a recommendation from my mother-in-law, by text!

It's like this song was written for me. I hope you enjoy it. I did. Thanks, Mom!

 and if we're being honest, then honestly I think I need a drink

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Have a happy Music Monday.

It's your life, go write the soundtrack!