Aloha Friday, A Mom and Her Money

In Hawaii, Friday is a day for relaxing. I wish that were true here, but I just have way to much work to do today! so the closest I'll get is to celebrate Aloha Friday with Kailani at An Island Life.

I stole this question from a local news channel's wall because my own answer makes me laugh.

What would your mom do if you gave her cash for Mother's Day?

Well, I tell ya, mine would probably knock me over on her way to the Casino! Hahaha! No kidding, she would!

Luck be a lady tonight(Frank Sinatra)

Put your answer in the comments below, and then join in on more Aloha Friday fun, or check out some other Friday hops.

Stalk Hop Friday


  1. If I gave my mom cash, she would either throw it back at me or insist she spend it taking us out to dinner. I'm with your mom, I'd love to head to the casino :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. My mom would be so insulted for sure!

  3. Your mom is cool! My aunt would do the same thing... ;) If I gave my mom cash for Mother's Day, she'd probably spend it on everyone else except herself. ;)

    Aloha: Mother's Day

  4. She would buy a plane ticket to come see me!

  5. I'd force her to go do something for her because she'd buy groceries with it!!!

  6. I lost my mom but, I'm sure she would have enjoyed it.

    Have a great day!

  7. My mom would probably use it for something for all of us...maybe I should try that this year lol

  8. Hola! Found you at Stalk Hop Friday. Following your blog now.

    Flora Loveday


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