Conversations in a Dressing Room

I've overheard some funny conversations while in dressing rooms at various stores, but this one tops them all.

My dear husband decided to take me to the mall to buy my own Mother's Day gifts. He knew he was getting me some new flip flops, but he wanted me to pick them out so off we went. On our way to the Flip Flop Shop, I saw that Lane Bryant was having a huge sale, so I batted my eyes with my best "I know you hate it, but please?!" look, and in the store we went.

Hubby doesn't enjoy clothes shopping for me at all, but I love his taste in fashion, so I like to get his opinion. I dragged him over to the dressing room, so he can be close by to see my "fashion show." While we're waiting for a room, a teen girl is also waiting with her mother for a room to open up.

The mother points to a mannequin with a sleeveless top on it, and tells her daughter, "What's that in here for, it's made for a size 3?!"

Teen: "Mom, this store is for sizes even bigger than me."

Mother: "Well, just cuz they have enough material doesn't mean it's made for that size!" she goes on, "I'm sick of seeing large women with all their skin hanging out! Really, people should cover themselves!"

I chuckle, and the conversation continues as I make my way into the dressing room.

While in the room, I can hear parts of the conversation, but I don't know what was really going on until hubby fills me in on the way out.

The mother and daughter were looking at the girl's Senior pictures, and hubby was just looking around trying to ignore the conversation, when suddenly he's dragged in.

"Sir, sir, look at this, what do you think of this picture?"

Hubby: "It's nice."

Mother: "Nice?! Look at that background! It's black, and she's black. You can't even see her! She looks like a spook!"

Daughter: "I'm sorry, sir." "Mom!"

I may never get him to go shopping again!

♪People are strange when you're a stranger♪(The Doors)


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