Music Monday, Rolling in the Deep

It's Monday morning, and what's better on a Monday morning, than good music?! Well, besides being able to stay in bed and avoid the world, that of course is always better on a Monday morning! But with quitting work not an option...Music it is!

This Music Monday choice is from the soulful Adele. I just love the passion in her voice, and the pounding of the bass line in this song. It's Monday and this is the music that moves me.




  1. Adele is cool! Definitely motivates to get people out of bed. She reminds me of Joss Stone when she was starting out. But honestly no one compares to Joss. And sadly she doesn't get enough credit.

  2. New to me, but loved this selection by Adele. She has a totally unique voice. Good pick!

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  3. Love the song! Adele's voice is awesome!

  4. Now I know who Adele is. Very strong and soulful voice indeed!

    I enjoyed this.


  5. She has a very powerful voice. I enjoyed that song. Great pick. Following you.

  6. Wow... I've never listened to Adele before, and now I'm wondering why not, haha! Great song pick, babe!

  7. I've seen this girl a couple of times now. She has one hell of a voice. Nice choice! Thanks for playin' along. Sorry I'm so late. Been working a lot. Have a good one and hope to see you next week too!

  8. She's a good singer. I had never heard of her. Doylene

  9. I hear her name mention on AI a lot, now I know. I LOVE this song. Thanks for reminding.
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