Personal MicroDerm Review- Update 3 years later

Update: It has been 3 years since I did this review about the PMD for at home microdermabrasion. In that time, I have continued to use it, and it continues to work great. 3 years later! I will say that I have had to buy replacement discs a couple times and I prefer the blue ones for sensitive skin. The green ones seem to be a little too course for my face, but I have used them on my hands a couple times. Everyone is different, so it's nice that the original package includes both disc types, so you can see which one you prefer. After 3 years, I still think using the Personal MicroDerm is a great alternative to going to a salon for treatment!
I have huge pores!  And, as anyone who's ever looked at a fashion mag will tell you, pores are simply not in style.  So what's a girl to do?!   

I've heard of all the benefits of microdermabrasion, and I've wanted to go have it done, but I just don't have the time or money for such a luxury. I've tried "microdermabrasion" creams, but they just left my skin irritated and my finger tips numb from rubbing them into my skin. When I had the opportunity to review the Personal MicroDerm, (PMD) I was really excited because it's not another cream, but I had really low expectations because of my past experiences.

The PMD is a handheld tool with a rotating disc of aluminum oxide crystals,  that also provides vacuum suction. It is designed so you may do microdermabrasion at home. It's just like the professionals use. Only, I'm not a professional, so for all my excitement, I was equally as scared.

After reading the box, the brochure, and the website, I carefully watched the cheesy 8 minute step by step video. I then decided that it would be best to try this on my hand first. After all, pores may not be in style but neither are hickeys...on your face!

I used the larger disc designed for large portions of the body and carefully went over my hand. It didn't hurt, at all, the skin on my hand looked younger, fresher, and most nasty purple marks! This would be safe for my face.

I switched to the smaller disc, and used it just as the video suggested. I could see the light pink fresh skin as the PMD took off my old dead skin cells. My skin felt smooth and tight, and already I could see my pores looked smaller.

As if the smooth look of my skin wasn't enough, the amount of dead skin in the filter when I was done with my face was absolutely proof that this works!

Disgusting! huh?! Just think, all that was on my face...even with my everyday face wash and exfoliating scrub! Yuck!

I've used the PMD once a week for a few weeks now, and I can't say enough about how great my skin looks. Obviously, we can't make pores go away, but it is nice to not have it be the first thing I notice about my skin. Now, I notice how radiant my skin looks and how great my makeup looks on it!
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