Obama Slays Osama!

Sunday night, as I got ready to shut off the light, I checked my Twitter one more time and saw tweets that President Obama would speak at 10:30 PM. The only thing the media knew was it was on a matter of National Security. As the media speculated that maybe it had to do with Libya, or no it didn't have to do with Libya, but was something much more important to break in on a Sunday night, I began speculations of my own.

I had just finished watching Battlefield L.A., an Alien Invasion movie, and I thought for sure that this was the moment seen in all the "world is ending" movies. The moment when the President tells you the dreadful news that our planet is being invaded by extra terrestrials, or an asteroid is heading straight for us, and... our fate rests on the shoulders of one man. One man must save us all!

I woke my daughters up to tell them that they may want to watch the news because something important was about to happen.

My oldest said "I hope he's gonna cancel school tomorrow."
my response, "Really, this is bigger than, no school tomorrow!"

The youngest said "I've got school tomorrow, just let me know what he says."

For 10 minutes I was on edge wondering what this could be.

The news then hit Twitter that Bin Laden was dead.

A few minutes later, the TV reporters confirmed Twitter news with the announcement: "Any minute now, The President of the United States will announce, "Osama Bin Laden is Dead."  Again and again they said it, "Bin Laden is dead, the President will announce it."

As "any minute now" turned into 45 minutes of the media telling us news that should have come from the mouth of the President, I was starting to agree with my daughters. This was important news but, if I still have to go to work in the morning, and we were not facing Armageddon, I really could have just read it on Twitter in the morning. "Obama Kills Osama!"

It's been a long time coming and the tables turned around, cause one of us is goin', one of us is goin' down (Sick Puppies)


  1. I learned about it from FB and Twitter... haha

  2. Justice is served. I missed it all together last night, and heard it this morning from my friend!

  3. ABOUT TIME! Great post:) I am your newest GFC, Facebook, Networked Blogs and Twitter follower! Whew LOL I hope you will stop by and return the favor;) Have a great week! xo



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