Aloha Friday, Brand Loyalty

Happy Friday! This morning, I'm drinking a Vanilla Iced Coffee from Seattles Best in my Starbucks cup. Terrible, I know...I'm such a coffee slut! I love my Starbucks, but I had both a manufacturer's coupon and a store coupon for the Seattle's Best 4 pack of cans at Publix, so I couldn't pass up the deal. I'm willing to pay more for brands I love, but if there's a deal...I'm there!

Here's my question to you:

Are you loyal to a brand, or do you get around?


  1. I get around. (that didn't sound so If a brand has a coupon and there is a sale attached, I'm willing to try it. (Oh, this just keeps getting

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  2. I buy both. Some brand name items taste better to us, but there are certain store brands items that taste better.

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  3. Couponing has taught me how to lose loyalties.

    Have a great day!

  4. i agree with Harriet. I've brought my couponing to whole new level so i buy whats cheap now :)

  5. For some things I stick with brand loyalty, mostly because I've tried the alternate and it didn't measure up. But for the most part, I get around... ;)

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  6. If something REALLY works for me then I'm loyal. Otherwise, I just go with the cheapest one.

  7. I'm loyal to certain brands. Like Coca-cola...there is no way I could drink Pepsi. I'd rather drink nothing.


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