Music Monday, Rihanna's Man Down Kills

My Music Monday choice this week is a controversial song from Rihanna. Rihanna seems to be surrounded by controversy lately after her music video with Eminem for "Love the Way you Lie" that seemingly glorified domestic abuse. The controversy continues with Rihanna's latest song about a woman that has killed a man.

The video portrays a man getting shot, and the lyrics are specifically about shooting a man down. This portrayed violence has made some demand it not be played on the radio or shown on television.

While the song does speak of the violence of killing, it also comes across as remorseful. In my opinion, it is no more inappropriate than Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" or Bob Marley's "I shot the Sheriff," both of which talk of killing a man. Music is art, it is designed to make you think and feel. Rihanna has accomplished this with "Man Down."

Have a great Music Monday, and let me know what you think. Has Rihanna gone too far?



  1. Not a fan of Rhiana but I like this tune.

  2. I am a Rihanna fan & I like this song. :) Have a nice day!

  3. I don't know - watching the video, it looked to me like he had it coming. And you're right - she did express remorse in the words, so I don't think it's any worse than the other songs you mentioned. :)

    Life Is Good Today - MMMM

  4. Great song. I love the reggae beat and I love Rhianna.

    I had to look up the lyrics to better understand the song's meaning. The words are a bit disturbing, but to your point it's no different than Bohemian Rhapsody or I Shot the Sheriff. Maybe she's making a statement about gang violence or when girls need to kill someone for gang initiation?

    Either way you slice it, she's a great artist.

  5. I like it :)

    I am visiting you from the Alexa hop, thank you for joining our hop!

  6. Hi found you through the Alexa hop- Love the purple! I like the song- I think it's a pretty intense video also

  7. Rihanna has a unique way to her songs don't you think? I thought I put a comment, but I don't see it. You must have that magic word, and I clicked too fast. Thanks for playing, and I hope to see you next week too.

  8. I am not a fan of Rhianna at all and I realy think this is more violent than Queen and Bob Marley.
    IMO Rhianna has a very low opinion of herself and of women in general with the way she dresses and the songs she sings and the way she "dances." But I could just be an old "fuddy-duddy" and not know anything at all. =)
    Lorie of The Shewbridges
    (Damn Blogger still won't let me sign in to comment on other's blogs. A real PITA!)


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