Friday Fragments, The Topic No One Talks About.

I spent last weekend in the hospital being poked and probed every 2 hours. This weekend is sure to be better!

Can we talk about colonoscopy for a minute?! I know uncomfortable topic, but I have to say, I always feared the discomfort of the procedure, but that's nothing, you're asleep for that. It's the day before when you have to drink a gallon, (literally, it's a gallon!) of nasty sea water tasting stuff to clean you out, and then you spend the night checking to see if everything coming out of you has cleared up, that is the horror of the procedure!

Oh, and let me say, if you're a patient in the hospital, and you need a nurse, use the call button! Don't selfishly yell the nurse's name over and over like a damn broken record! There are other patients, you know!

And, if you're a nurse of a patient that is waiting to produce something for culture, don't repeatedly ask the patient in your sweetest little baby voice if they've made "boom boom" yet. Seriously, you're a grown man, it's not cute!

Okay, enough dirty talk. Have a great weekend, and be sure to get your frag on at Half-Past kissin' time.

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  1. Ok seriously a grown man asked a grown person if they had made boom boom? Perhaps he needs to be working on the peds floor. wait maybe not.. scratch that. Hope everything came out ok on your tests hun

  2. Boom boom? Seriously? That sounds taser worthy!

    Glad you are okay though!

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    Lexie Lane

  4. Hi, I'm your newest follower and I have to go for a colonoscopy! A yr ago my mom was diagnosed with colon ca and my doc wants me to go :(
    On the bright side, I'm your newest follower!

  5. I too feared the colonoscopy, but not for the reasons you mention (which weren't bad at all). I just didn't want to be passing all that gas in the recovery room in front of my husband. Turns out, he couldn't make it there with me, so my friend took me. I requested she wait in the waiting room the ENTIRE time!


  6. Seriously, Lexi? Very poor form. Not cool. (Unless, of course, you paid for the ad in your comment.) Wow.

    Where was I? Oh, yeah. My husband practiced for his colonoscopy (showed up on the wrong day and had to do it again).haha

    Boom boom? Seriously--I would report that guy; that's weird.

    Just so you know, I have NEVER called out a commenter on someone else's blog. I guess I'm in a "mood." I hope you replied with your advertising rates!haha


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