Music Monday, This is Super Heavy!

Happy Music Monday! I have to thank hubby for finding this new group for me. While super Heavy may be a new group, I have no doubt that you'll recognize the band members which include Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Damien Marley and Dave Stewart. The joining of these artists creates a unique fusion of sounds, and I love it!

Check out this very colorful video and let me know what you think of today's Music Monday selection.

Miracle Worker by Super Heavy



  1. Whoa... talk about star studded! There's no way I would have ever thought to put those artists together, but it works, doesn't it?

    Crazy Mick Jagger and his pink-ass suit, haha!

  2. many differnt styles in one song!

  3. That was really cool! I never fathomed all those artists together - it really does work! :)

    Tryin' to Reason with Hurricane Season that Rocks You - Good Night Irene!

  4. Whoa I love this song. Mic is his usual outrageous self and I totally love Josh Stone! Thanks for playin along & hope to see you next week too. Bring a friend!

  5. That is so cool to put them together!
    Thanks for sharing your tunes!

  6. The only artist I recognized was Mic Jagger, I guess I am not really "with it" - or whatever they say now-a-days.
    This is really not my style of music, but that is what this meme is all about... people showcasing their style of music.
    The Shewbridges of Central Florida


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